Cirrus Intro Flights are here!

You can now take a 30 minute introductory flight lesson in Pilotsmith’s 2013 Cirrus SR20!

You will spend 1 hour total with the instructor, he or she will answer your questions about flight training, brief you on what to expect, walk you through a preflight inspection, perform the takeoff, allow you to fly the airplane once airborne, and perform the landing.

If you or anyone know you are interested in learning to fly in a state-of-the-art modern aircraft, this is the certificate you want.  Purchase your certificates online or just call and book.  920-415-2FLY!  (2359)

Cirrus Intro Flights are designed for 1 person.

You may take 1 guest, so long as the combined weight of both people do NOT exceed 390 lbs including all personal items (e.g. purses, etc).

Cirrus 30 Minute Discovery

Price: $149 (Normally $199)

Ground Instruction: 30 minutes

Aircraft Time: 30 minutes aircraft time