Non-Cirrus Instruction
Type Flight Ground
Instruction (Private) (Non-Cirrus) $45/hr  $45/hr
Instruction (Advanced) (Non-Cirrus) $50/hr  $50/hr
Flight Time without Rental Instruction* +$15/hr
Master/Gold Seal CFI +$5/hr +$5/hr
Cirrus Instruction
Day Rate (Up to 8 Hours) Half Day (Up to 4 Hours)
Base Rate $550 $300
Owners Plane +$50 +$30
Aircraft Rental Wet (Does NOT include Tax)
Aircraft Member Rate
2013 Cirrus SR20 $206/hr
2018 Cirrus SR20 $244/hr
PA24 Single Engine Comanche $147/hr
C172S N575SP $126/hr
C172N $108/hr
C175 $108/hr
C152/C150 $90/hr
AATD Simulator $40/hr
Motion Simulator $50/hr


* = This fee is charged ANYTIME an aircraft is flown and Pilotsmith does not collect rental revenue from the aircraft, regardless of whether the aircraft is on leaseback or personally owned.