Cirrus Intro Flights are here!

You can now take a 30 minute introductory flight lesson in Pilotsmith’s 2013 or 2018 Cirrus SR20!

You will spend 1 hour total with the instructor, he or she will answer your questions about flight training, brief you on what to expect, walk you through a preflight inspection, perform the takeoff, allow you to fly the airplane once airborne, and perform the landing.  A little over 30 minutes in the aircraft.

Flying in an SR20 isn’t the same as any old aircraft.  Our 2018 SR20 has an all leather interior and state of the art avionics.  The aircraft is so smart that if it detects the pilot is operating in an unsafe manner it will automatically attempt to recover the aircraft.  If the pilot continues to fight the aircraft it will engage an automatic level feature and bring the aircraft back under control.

Finally, Cirrus aircraft have a whole Airframe parachute.  Should something unlikely happen, the entire aircraft can come down under parachute!  These features make Cirrus the safest aircraft in our opinion.

Cirrus Intro Flights are designed for 1 person.

You may take 1 guest, so long as the combined weight of both people do NOT exceed 390 lbs including all personal items (e.g. purses, etc).

Cirrus 30 Minute Discovery

Price: $249

Ground Instruction: 30 minutes

Aircraft Time: 30 minutes aircraft time