I am currently a student at Pilotsmith, and I would highly recommend undergoing your flight training here! The instructors are very down-to-earth, friendly people who are extremely competent in their fields of expertise. They truly LOVE flying and go out of their way to help their students in many ways, including providing a selection of hours to schedule lessons and different payment options. In terms of pricing, everything is very direct from the start, too! They offer competitive and low prices for a quality education just because of their love to see others experience flight. You learn at your pace and pay as you go. I’ve flown anywhere from once in three weeks to thrice in one week because of my own schedule (although the more your schedule allows you to fly, the better!) – they are very flexible.
The instructors are very good at adapting to be the teacher you need them to be – for me, that includes this perfect combination of gentleness, encouragement, and yet firmness at the same time. My instructor is very patient with me while we practice new maneuvers, and he helps speak out the steps as I practice it a few times, which is so helpful for me. He is also very good with communication, and he always is able to let me know with substantial notice if the weather doesn’t qualify for VFR flying, even though I live about an hour away.
have yet to ask a question that my instructor couldn’t answer thoroughly, and I appreciate the sacrifice and diligence that has gone into making Pilotsmith the well-rounded school that it is! There’s nothing as refreshing as being up in the air, and I’m so glad I chose to learn to fly here! If you’re looking for a legitimate, earnest, passionate, and professional place to take up your wings, this is the place to be.