Need some affordable Multi Engine Time?  Pilotsmith just put a new engine on its Piper Seminole and we are doing some cross country times building to finish the break-in. You must already be multi-engine rated to be eligible for this offer.  No training maneuvers will be conducted and all flights will be cross country >50nm.

For the next 20 hours you can fly the aircraft for only $120/hour plus $80/hour for the instructor.  This time is going to burn off very quickly and it’s first-scheduled-first-served.  As soon as the new engine hits 25 hours it will return to normal rates and operations.

  • All time in aircraft MUST be dual time. 
  • We do not allow solo rental of our multi-engine aircraft even under normal conditions.
  • Must have a multi-engine rating.  All flights will be between prea-pproved airports that:
    • Have a maintenance facility
    • Are at least 50nm away
    • Are no more than 100nm away.
  • At no time is the aircraft allowed to be further than 100nm from KGRB.  Incase the engine has any issues that require adjustment we want to make sure our maintenance team can get to the aircraft reasonably to service it.
  • No maneuvers including slow flight or approaches are permitted during the break-in.
  • No exceptions will be made.