Pilotsmith & CAVU are essential businesses that provide essential services.  Beginning 4/1/2020 we have resumed limited operations with great restrictions during this crisis.  In no way do we want to underplay the importance of social distancing and following CDC guidelines.

The following policies are in effect during this time:

  1. Scenic Flight operations are suspended until further notice.
  2. Discovery flights are suspended until further notice.
  3. “Ground School” classes are on hold temporarily with the expectations to resume in April after the all clear has been given.
  4. Overnight trip ban.  We are not permitting any instructor or pilot to fly an overnight trip, all trips or training missions must be same day missions for the instructor.
  5. Students must be local or take special precautions if they are traveling from areas with known/increasing infections.
    1. Isolate themselves when not undergoing training
    2. Take temperature to ensure they do not have a fever before traveling onsite.
    3. If they have any symptoms they must cancel their lessons.
  6. Headset rentals are suspended until further notice.  Each student must own his or her own headset. We are stocking Faro ANR and PNR headsets as inexpensive options you can readily purchase.
  7. Leaseback aircraft may NOT be flown out of the state of Wisconsin without the express written permission of the aircraft owner.  If you are doing solo training, it’s recommended to depart with maximum fuel.
  8. Any student or instructor that has exposure (such as travelling out of town) to an area classified by the CDC as an active COVID-19 hotspot is asked not to be in our facilities for 14 days after that event.
  9. All reservations must be made 24 hours in advance.
  10. Aircraft must be returned 30 minutes before FBO close.  Please contact the FBO directly to determine their closing hours.
  11. No Loitering in flight schools or FBOs.  Instructors must be scheduled to work and instructors must be on a scheduled lesson.  Activity in schools and FBOs must be limited and necessary.
  12. You are self-certifying your reasons for training and/or aircraft rental meet the requirements of the Wisconsin executive orders.
  13. Bring your own gloves & face masks.  The gloves are to keep your hands and aircraft clean and the face mask is to prevent you from touching your face as recommended by the CDC.  YOU MUST PROVIDE THESE FOR YOURSELF.  If you show up without gloves and a face mask you may be asked to leave.