I am currently a student at Pilotsmith, and I would highly recommend undergoing your flight training here! The instructors are very down-to-earth, friendly people who are extremely competent in their fields of expertise. They truly LOVE flying and go out of their way to help their students in many ways, including providing a selection of hours to schedule lessons and different payment options. In terms of pricing, everything is very direct from the start, too! They offer competitive and low prices for a quality education just because of their love to see others experience flight..

– Kate W.

Superb! If you want a friendly and full of knowledge experience give them a visit.

– Ernesto B.

Learning to fly is a huge investment both in time and money so you need to invest wisely. On recommendation I traveled from Europe to do my PPL with Charlie Smith at Pilotsmith Inc and without doubt I invested wisely.
Within 9 days of meeting Charlie and starting my intensive course I flew solo. Although I still have a few more hours to log to be able get to do my check ride I would recommend Charlie to anyone wanting to invest as I have done.

– Paul F.

Pilotsmith is amazing. I got my commercial certificate in the time schedule that I asked and pilotsmith delivered. Pilotsmith is a great aviation school and I’m looking forward to starting my CFI.

– Julie V.

As an instructor:

The 141 curriculum at pilotsmith provides instructors with a seamless program designed for positive student outcomes. With an emphasis on safety, instructors can expect a great culture allowing personal development needed for future employment. Having the skills to teach and develop within a growing 141 program pays dividends when explaining your experience to future employers. 

As a student:

The 141 program allows an extremely current and progressive plan for training. Each lesson I knew exactly what was expected of me to keep me reaching my goals. I could move as fast or as slow as I needed making sure I had perfect clarity of the material. Instructors were truly knowledgeable with real world experienced while just as driven as I was to get my rating completed and feeling confident within the aircraft.

Carter S.

Pilotsmith was the perfect place for me to complete my 141 instrument rating. They were accommodating to my tight time-frame. The instructors are professional and great to work with. The planes are well maintained and very well equipped. Access to a simulator was also very helpful on the few days where flying outside was not possible. I highly recommend Pilotsmith for any level of license/rating and my only issue is that I wasn’t able to stay longer to continue my training!

Zoltan N.