Recent Changes (in the last 90 days):

2/1/2023 – Rates for C172 and RV12 updated.


Instructor Rates

Non-Cirrus Instruction
Type Flight All other reserved instructor time
Instruction (Non-Cirrus) $77/hr  $77/hr
Senior Instructor/Chief Instructor (Non-Cirrus) $85/hr $85/hr
Flight Time without Aircraft Rental but Instruction* +$15/hr


Cirrus Rates

TCI / CSIP Rates Platinum TCI / Platinum CSIP
Description Rate Description Rate
Hourly (1-3 hours) $100/hour Hourly (1-2 hours) $150/hr
Half Day(3-4 hours) $300/half day Half Day(2-3 hours) $350/half day
Full Day (4-6 hours) $550.00/day Full Day (4-6 hours) $650/day
Hotel At Cost, Hilton brand. HGI preferred.
Meal Per Diem $15 for Breakfast (Only applies if hotel does not serve a HOT breakfast)
$20 for Lunch
$30 for Dinner
(Customer may also pay for meals directly and there will not be a per diem charge for that meal)
Airline Transportation Less than 2 hours: Comfort+/Premium, Greater than 2 hours: Business/First Class, At Cost
Uber/Taxi At Cost
Car Rental (>2 nights) Compact/Economy, At Cost
Other Incidentals As necessary, at cost
Company Car Usage 86 cents per mile
Non-Rented Aircraft Surcharges
Hourly Add $15/hour
Half Day Add $50/half
Full Day Add $100/day


Aircraft Rental Rates

NOTE: We do NOT offer solo rental to individuals from out of the area.  We only rent to those whose permanent address is in an area we serve.

Rate is calculated by taking applicable base rate or club rate and adding fuel surcharge.


Base Rate Club Rate Fuel Surcharge Club Level
SR22T G6 450.00 405.00 34.00 Platinum / Diamond
Seminole 399.00 359.00 46.00 Gold
N84WB SR20 G6 249.00 224.00 22.00 Platinum / Diamond
N65DY SR20 G6 249.00 224.00 22.00 Platinum / Diamond
N613BZ SR G6 (MWC) 249.00 224.00 22.00 Platinum / Diamond
172S G1000 165.00 149.00 19.00 Gold
172R/S w/650 150.00 136.00 19.00 Gold
172R/S w/430W 145.00 131.00 19.00 Gold
172M/N/P w/650 143.00 129.00 17.00 Gold
172M/N/P w/430W 140.00 127.00 17.00 Gold
172L 135.00 122.00 15.00 Gold
Vans RV-12 126.00 114.00 8.00 Gold
Redbird FMX 70.00 63.00 0.00 Gold
Cirrus AATD 100.00 90.00 0.00 Gold


* = This fee is charged ANYTIME an aircraft is flown and Pilotsmith does not collect rental revenue from the aircraft, regardless of whether the aircraft is on leaseback or personally owned.  Our pricing model is built on the concept that we also rent the aircraft.

** = See club membership terms