What is a consultation?

  • A “New Student Consultation” is an opportunity for potential students to ask any questions they may have regarding becoming a pilot (Professional, Business, or Pleasure), professional career paths / options, or any additional questions.
  • Consultations at Pilotsmith can be very comprehensive. We answer any and all questions with a realistic, honest approach designed to set students up for success. Aviation has many angles; Pilotsmith’s goal is to ensure students know exactly what to expect. This allows students to properly plan for success.
  • Therefore, WRITE down your questions prior to arrival to ensure all questions are addressed and answered!

Things to bring to the Consultation / Enrollment

For the Enrollment Process, you would need the following. It is important to note that the consultation does not require you to complete the enrollment process. The idea being, if you decide to complete the enrollment you will have the necessary documents to do so!

  1. GMAIL email account – Specifically utilized for Professionally minded student. For lesson plans, we will explain.
  2. Government issued photo ID – Driver’s license, Military ID, or Passport
  3. TSA Citizenship Verification – Passport or Birth Certificate
  4. Credit / Debit Card -AND- a CHECK (preferred) to put money on account 
    1. 141 Enrollment Fee is $50 – Paid with credit or debit card
    2. Purchase 141 Kit (cost depends on program) – Paid with credit or debit card
    3. Money on account: Cashier’s check, money order, or Personal Check that is made out to Pilotsmith, Inc. Most students put about $5,000 – $15,000 on account, but this amount is up to you. (We do have forms of payment, so this is suggested but not required.)
  5. Pilot Certificate – If you have one, NOT required.
  6. FAA Medical – If you have one, NOT required.
  7. If Under 18 years old – Bring a parent or guardian.

How do I schedule a consultation?

All consultations at Pilotsmith are FREE of charge and take between one and two hours. These are comprehensive consultations that are designed to explain all angles associated with achieving your goals plus answer all of your questions. 

  • In-Person Consultation (PREFERRED) – Click the “Book FREE In-Person Consultation”
    • Best for Green Bay and Appleton interested parties.
    • LOCATION: 1911 Airport Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313
    • Button at the bottom of the page!
  • Virtual Consultation – Click the “Book FREE Virtual Consultation”
    • Best for Milwaukee Timmerman interested parties.
    • The meeting invite will include a “Google Meet” link.
    • Button at the bottom of the page!
  • Phone Consultation: Not preferred but still an option.
    • Call Trent Or Obrien – (920) 415-2359

Enrollment Booking and Process

BOOK Enrollment:

  • Green Bay or Appleton Locations: Book via Green Link Below.
  • Milwaukee Location: Contact Trent directly at (920) 415-2359 X1002
  1. Things to bring to the Consultation / Enrollment (SEE ABOVE)
  2. Complete the initial paperwork, add documents to your file, start the TSA badging process, get your Flight Schedule Pro account, and set up your kiosk account. When completed, you will be enrolled into the 141 program (if applicable) and then accept the terms. This can all be completed at the enrollment!
  3. Get assigned a Flight Instructor:
    • Name, Phone Number, and email address of instructor and student.
    • Introduction email is sent to both parties.
  4. Schedule First Lesson
  5. Start your Flight Training!
  6. Achieve your goals!
  7. Have a great career in a wonderful industry!