A plane with a parachute?  Yes.  We at Pilotsmith have that, plus Pilotsmith is a Cirrus Training Center featuring the latest in technology; A plane with advanced avionics and a whole airframe parachute.  Our instructors are properly qualified to teach in this state of the art aircraft.  Be aware of non-Cirrus flight schools trying to offer training in an aircraft they don’t know how to properly use!

In our opinion, Cirrus is safest plane to train in.

Walmart CEO Saved by Cirrus Aircraft

Pilotsmith uses only instructors under the direct supervision of a lead CSIP instructor utilizing Cirrus approved curriculum and syllabus.

We are able to offer the following services in Cirrus aircraft:

  • Transition Training
  • Advanced Transition Training
  • Private Pilot Initial Training
  • Instrument Initial Training
  • Combined Private Pilot and Instrument Initial Training

We are able to offer this training in our own Garmin Perspective equipped Cirrus SR20 or your own aircraft.

Call 920-415-2FLY (2359) to speak with us right away to get your training program setup today.