Official Cirrus Training Centers in

Green Bay & Milwaukee Timmerman

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Learn to fly in an aircraft that redefined personal aviation and safety.  Pilotsmith has the Cirrus SR fleet and experienced instructors that can take you from having never flown to a pilot of your own.  We will help you with every step of the process to ensure your success with a few obstacles as possible.  We can define training to fit your lifestyle, and if that includes making training trips so you can do business meetings we can accomplish the goal.  There is no reason to train using the old traditional methods — learn how to truly fly an airplane by going places.

Pilotsmith uses only instructors under the direct supervision of a lead CSIP instructor utilizing Cirrus approved curriculum and syllabus.

We are able to offer the following services in Cirrus aircraft:

  • Transition Training
  • Advanced Transition Training
  • Private Pilot Initial Training
  • Instrument Initial Training
  • Combined Private Pilot and Instrument Initial Training

We are able to offer this training in our own Garmin Perspective equipped Cirrus SR20 or your own aircraft.

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Pilotsmith can perform both Career and Pleasure/Business training in Cirrus Aircraft at our Milwaukee Flight School and our Green Bay Flight School.