Discovery Flights are your chance to get an introduction to flight training and having an opportunity to fly a small aircraft. Discovery Flights include 30 minutes of ground instruction that cover safety equipment and usage, operation of doors, preflight inspection of the aircraft, how to fly the aircraft, and more.

The flight portion will be either 30 minutes from engine start to engine shut down, or 1 hour from engine start to engine shut down depending on the package which you purchased. During your flight you will have the opportunity to take the controls of the aircraft. Flights can be conducted as both demonstrations and as a miniature lesson.

While flying the aircraft you will have the opportunity to see several Green Bay landmarks such as Bay Beach, Green Bay (water), Lambeau Field, and more.

If you have an interest in learning to fly you will have the opportunity discuss flight training with your instructor. If you wish to learn to fly you can also freely interview other school instructors to find the instructor that best matches your learning style.


Gift Certificates

Pilotsmith Discovery Flight Certificates make excellent gifts. Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or just because; discover flights are good for all occasions. Certificates can be purchased on site at Pilotsmith, Inc or at the Jet Air Group front desk. You may purchase certificates online via our Book and Buy page.