The Pilotsmith / CAVU flying club program is a membership program similar to many other flying club organizations.  In return for membership dues and a 24 month commitment, the member receives access to our flight school aircraft at a lower price point AND get benefits such as less minimum use per day charges than other customers.

An active pilot is a safer pilot.  A safer pilot means less hard landings to our aircraft. Flying Club prices make the break-even point at about 1-3 hours of flying per month. That’s only 24-36 hours per year.  Statistically, the more you fly the safer pilot you are. Earning ONE RATING such as private pilot certificate will pay for the cost of membership and provide you further discounts.

  • Membership is a 24-month paid commitment. 
  • You may upgrade your membership one time only no less than 6 months before the expiration of your membership.  You will be billed for the difference and the upgrade will be effective on the payment date.

Membership Tiers:

1) Silver Membership ($13.40/month):

  • Discounted Access to any Cessna 152 or Redbird/Precise Flight AATD

2) Gold Membership ($30/mo):

  • Discounted Access to any non-cirrus Single Engine Land Airplane.

3) Platinum Membership ($50/month):

  • Discounted Access to all Pilotsmith Aircraft.
  • 1 free ground school program per 24 month commitment. ($300 value)

4) Diamond Membership ($90/month)

  • Discounted Access to all Pilotsmith Aircraft.
  • +2 half days OR one full day of Cirrus Training per 12-month period. ($500-700 value).
  • Unlimited personal use of Pilotsmith’s Ground Power Plug and Garmin Perspective Trainer (Not Simulators).
  • 2 free ground school programs per 24 month commitment. ($600 value)

Flying Club has special payment requirements, choose one of the following options:

  • Account Balance:
    Cash/check deposit requirement is $3,000.  You must recharge back to $3,000 once your balance drops to $1,000 Your balance is fully refundable at the end of your membership period.  You may also request a refund of your balance at any time.  Your membership dues are prepaid and charged against your balance upon enrollment. Accounts can be recharged via Cash, Check or ACH with no fee.
  • ACH periodically:
    Prepay your membership dues.  Periodically we will ACH charge your bank account you currently owe (about one per week).  This charge will happen about once per week without notification.  No transaction fees.
  • Check per rental/lesson:
    Prepay your membership dues.  Then at each rental/lesson pay by check to incur no additional fees and receive the discounted rate.
  • Credit Card per rental/lesson:
    Prepay your membership dues.  Then you can choose to have your rental lesson billed to a credit card for a 2.5% surcharge on aircraft rental time.  This represents about half of what we are charged to accept credit cards.  We will not surcharge instruction or materials.


Effective 7/1/2020 Flying Club members have access to Pilotsmith and CAVU aircraft at the flying club rates corresponding to their membership level.