Does Pilotsmith offer introductory flights?

Yes. We call them Discovery flights. Discovery flights are your risk-free flat-fee based chance to ask questions from an instructor

Can I bring someone with me?

Discovery flights are meant for a single student. It’s the students opportunity to have an affordable introductory lesson to flying. Discovery flights are not meant to be sight-seeing flights, however, you will have the opportunity to fly around many Green Bay landmarks as they make excellent reference points on the ground.

Will I get to fly the airplane?

Yes. Your instructor will perform the takeoff and landing and low altitude maneuvers. Once at a safe altitude your instructor will show you the basics of flying straight and level and allow you to make turns.

Where will I fly?

It depends on the discovery flight package you pick. If you pick the 1 hour package which includes 30 minutes of aircraft time you will be limited to things very close to the airport. You will see downtown Green Bay, Fox River, and Lambeau field.

Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Yes. The aircraft can accommodate an individual up to about 6’6”. Individuals of large girth may have difficulties being comfortable in the aircraft. Seat room is equivalent to an economy commercial airliner.

What aircraft do you do discovery flights in?

We have a Cessna 172S and Cessna 175 that we conduct our discovery flights in.

Are these sight-seeing joy rides?

No, the purpose to introduce the concepts of flight and provide a miniaturized lesson. You will, however, see many Green Bay sites including Lambeau Field but the purpose of these flights is to give you a small taste of general aviation and what is involved in becoming a private pilot. We are a flight school and our ultimate goal is to ensure that you learn something while having a good time.

Do I have to buy an airplane after being a private pilot?

No! In fact most people rent aircraft. Unless you flying hundreds of hours, it’s much cheaper to rent an aircraft when you need it than it is to own.