Accelerated Courses

All our accelerated courses require you to be fully prepared becoming coming onsite.  You will be required to read several books and pass the written exam before you come onsite.

Accelerated Instrument

Our accelerated Instrument program for non-cirrus aircraft is 10-14 days in length.  The instructional cost is $5,000 for non-cirrus customers. This course requires that you have flown at least 15 hours in the previous 90 days before you come onsite.  You must have at least 45 hours of X/C PIC time.  We can make up the remaining 5 during training but we will utilize our simulator for much of the training.  Below is an expectation of total cost.

Item Qty Rate Subtotal
Instruction 1 5,000 5,000
Simulator 20 45 900
Aircraft 25 119 2,975
Total 8,875

* Does not include check-ride rental, examiners fee, materials, or written exam.  Course can be done in your aircraft for an additional $500 so long as our instructors are added to insurance and aircraft is in an airworthy condition.

Accelerated Private Pilot – Cirrus

Our accelerated private pilot program is only offered in Cirrus Aircraft.  It is a 30 day course and the instructional cost is $16,500.  Aircraft and materials are additional.  An estimate of costs are outlined below.