What is a commercial pilot?

A commercial pilot is essentially a private pilot with the ability to be compensated for certain operations. A commercial pilot’s license is a stepping stone to becoming an Air Transport Pilot, which is required to fly for the airlines.

A commercial pilot’s license and a second class medical will allow you to perform certain Part 91 revenue operations such as:

  • Aerial Surveys
  • Pipeline Patrol
  • Aerial Photography
  • Ferrying Aircraft
  • Site-Seeing Scenic Flights (with appropriate authorization)
  • And more

You may also be employed by a part 135 operator and work as a charter pilot with your commercial certificate.

How do I become a commercial pilot?

The first step to becoming a Commercial Pilot is to be obtain to your Private Pilot’s license from Pilotsmith.

Call Pilotsmith, Inc. at 920-415-2FLY (2359) for more information.

Commercial Requirements

Due to a recent FAA rule change, you can now do 10 hours dual in our complex aircraft, and then complete the rest of the training in your own aircraft or one of our flight school aircraft such as a Cessna 172 or a Cirrus SR20!