Register for Private Pilot Ground School

If you are looking for a ground school just to pass a written exam, this is not it. Pilotsmith ground school is designed to teach you the materials necessary to become a pilot while at the same time preparing you for the written exam. Our goal is not to teach you the questions like other programs, but instead teach you how to determine the answer yourself.

Pilotsmith offers ground school at various times throughout the year based on demand. We generally require 6 registrations to conduct a class and generally limit class size to 11 individuals.

Generally, 3 types of ground schools are offered:

  • Private Pilot ($300)
  • Instrument Pilot ($300)
  • Commercial Pilot ($250)

Prices for ground school classes are tuition only and do NOT include materials, written test, or flight training. Ground school tuition is non-refundable and must be paid by cash or check.


These links do not register you for the class.  They only show us who has interest and what dates they are available.  A final registration will be sent out with payment collection once we have the required number of individuals.

Instrument Ground School Sign-Up

CFI Initial Ground School

The flight instructor rating is largely a ground based learning activity. This ground school is designed to help you learn the ability to teach the materials. Nearly 60-90 hours of class room time for a little over one fourth of the cost. This is an excellent cost savings opportunity for getting your CFI initial.

If you are interested in any of these Ground Schools please sign up for our ground school notification list. We will let you know as soon as we have enough students for a class and the specific details for the class.

Register to be notified for a ground school

Call Pilotsmith at 920-415-2359 and register to be notified when the next ground school is occurring.