You can learn to fly at any age, however, you must be 16 year old to be able to operate the aircraft solo (without the instructor on-board) and 17 to received your private pilots license.

Medical Certification

A pilot must pass a medical examination and periodic intervals that includes both body and mind. Many factors such as a history of DUI, felony, or mental disorders can disqualify a pilot.

Student Pilots should begin with ensuring they are medically fit to obtain the class of medical that they will require. To excise the privileges of a private pilot certificate and to solo an aircraft, the student pilot must obtain a third class medical.

The student pilot should obtain the class of medical that they intend to get. For pilots who intend to go to the airlines, they should obtain a first class medical. For pilots who wish to work commercial, they should obtain a second class medical. For pilots who just intend to be private pilots they should obtain a third class medical.

AOPA has a section on Medical Information that can help guide the student pilot.


A private pilot certificate will allow you to operate a small aircraft with passengers for your enjoyment or personal non-commercial business reasons.


A private pilot must pass a written examination and a practical examination. The practical examination is broken into two phases, and oral (or ground) portion and a flight portion. As flight instructors we must prepare you for both portions of the exam by ensuring you have the adequate knowledge to operation both legally and safely.


The FAA minimum is 40 hours of flight with 20 hours of flight instruction and 10 hours of solo flight. The FAA does not specify a minimum amount of ground instruction hours for Part 61 operations, but instead places the responsibility of the flight instructor to ensure that the applicant has no knowledge deficiencies.

According to the FAA national average is 60 to 70 hours of flight time. It is recommended to budget for 60 hours of flight time and 60 hours of ground and flight instruction. Then, if you complete is less time, you can be pleasantly surprised.

FAA Times

Competitors will advertise minimums costs. In order to compare apples to apples, we have provided the FAA minimums here, however, it is not a realistic expectation to complete in the minimums.

Above price does not include mandatory sales tax, books, knowledge test, check ride, or other expenses.

Average Expected Cost

Price does NOT include Wisconsin Sales Tax

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